Trail Log for Pocket PC
Elevation aware training log for road, trail and fell runners.

If you take your training seriously, you need a serious but convenient training log.
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Collect all your run data in one place, Trail log is very flexible in that it lets you simply log a time if that's all you know or it allows for any of route, time, shoes, type of run, race, average heart rate, peak heart rate, time in training zone or general notes,
Remembers routes, Trail Log remembers all your previous routes and automatically detects new records, see all your routes and record times and one screen,
Tracks shoe wear, Trail Log records mileage against shoes to allow you to better manage replacement,
Elevation, Trail Log uniquely takes route ascents into account and optionally calculates equivalent paces for flat routes and UK fell running grades for routes. Race time prediction calculations are fully elevation aware using a configurable variation of Naismiths formula,
Rich flexible reporting, Track your weekly, monthly and yearly statistics by reporting graphically on distance, duration, average pace, best pace, average heart rate, peak heart rate, time in training zone, calories burned and calories burned in training zone. Optionally you can export your data to a desktop spreadsheet package e.g. MS Excel for further analysis.

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Copyright (c) 2002, Andrew Whaley

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