Shareware 3D GPS mapping software for Windows
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Maps, supports a wide variety of of graphics formats and hundreds of map projections from around the world. Enhance your maps by adding contour lines, height coloring or relief light shading.

Generate your own quality copyright free maps (ideal for publication) from SRTM height data (covering North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa) and any tracks or waypoints you have.

Automatically downloads ready calibrated USGS topographic maps and aerial photographs from TerraServer.

Garmin GPS Interface, Compatible with all Garmin devices (including the Forerunner). Allows you to download tracklogs, routes and waypoints to view on the map. Speed analysis from tracklogs shows mile or km split times. Plan your routes on the map and then upload to your device.
3D Rendering, Trailgauge uses a game engine to render terrains in 3d in realtime. Allows you to walk or fly over the terrain as you wish. Auto fly-through your routes and record AVI movie files to share with your friends and colleagues. Apply ground textures blended into the map and add distance fogging to add realism to the scene. Take screenshots of views to compare with photographs. Configurable screen size including full-screen mode for maximum effect.
Relational Database, Store all of your GPS assets in the built in database which allows user configurable 'views' of the data. Advanced users can even specify their own SQL queries to work with their data.. 
Smooth Height Map, Using freely available detailed Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data, Trailgauge automatically downloads, filters and stores the data for your maps. Trailgauge uses a sophisticated interpolation technique to produce a continuous smooth surface over your map. This allows for accurate ascent measurements and spot heights unlike the gross values calculated by software using simple polygon meshes for interpolation.
Precise calculation of distance and times, Trailgauge calculates precise distances and times for awhole route or any point along it. Both time and distance calculations take elevation into account. Build your own list of 'speeds' representing walking, running and cycling finely tuned to take gradients into account.